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Thirst Street’s International Premiere at Venice

Nathan Silver’s THIRST STREET, a film produced by Washington Square Films, will be screened internationally at the Venice Days, an independently run section of the Venice Film Festival that celebrates “high quality cinema.” THIRST STREET is one of six films presented under Special Events. The story follows American flight attendant, Gina, who is alone and depressed after…

Crown Heights Hits Theaters August 25

Matt Ruskin’s CROWN HEIGHTS has been named Sundance’s Audience Award Winning Drama. Starring Atlanta’s celebrated young actor, Lakeith Stanfield, the story follows Colin Warner, an 18-year-old from Crown Heights who is wrongly accused of murder. A child witness falsely remembers Colin as the suspect of a gunned crime in Flatbush, Brooklyn, sending Warner into prison…

Jersey Shore Cast Reunites in New Spot Directed by Carrie Stett

Your favorite jersey crew is back! After making their premiere on MTV 7 years ago, the cast of Jersey Shore collaborated with Washington Square director Carrie Stett to produce a commercial for a global fast food chain. Carrie, an award- winning writer with a background as a reality television producer, recently joined Washington Square’s directorial…

Carrie Stett Joins WSF Director Roster

Carrie Stett–who recently earned inclusion in this year’s SHOOT New Directors Showcase on the strength of her heartwarming “A Caring Chorus” piece for Kleenex–has secured her first career commercial production house representation, joining the directorial roster of Washington Square Films. Stett also helmed the powerful Kleenex spot “Unlikely Best Friends” which earned an ANA Multicultural Award. The entire…